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Vacations are incredibly important for stress relief, self care, work/life balance, etc., and since that’s what I blog about, I figured I’d share my vacation itineraries!
Four years ago, my husband and I went to Jamaica for our first vacation since our honeymoon. We stayed at a really cool resort, but a few days in, we realized something about ourselves: we are active relaxers. Lying around on loungers all day is nice for a couple days, but a week* of it is boring (even with a few snorkel breaks a day). What is fun (to us) is a mix of planned and spontaneous activities and adventures with time to unwind in between.
Once we discovered what kind of vacationers we are, a new hobby and source of joy surfaced for me: vacation planning. I love it. It’s the perfect combination of research, making wishlists, the logistical puzzle of scheduling, and the excitement of anticipating the trip. Yes, friends, I enjoy vacation planning almost as much as I enjoy vacationing.
Most recently, I went to London with a group of friends, so I’ll start with that trip since it’s freshest in my mind. After that, I’ll share about post-Jamaica vacations as I dig up the notes and photos. With a little luck and a lot of planning (!!!), I hope to make this a regular feature!
*Our vacations are usually a week long—I’m campaigning for our next vacation to be two. I recognize that not everyone can take vacations of any length, let alone two-week-long ones.

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