Organization is a topic I enjoy thinking about, writing about, and experimenting with (I got a Moleskine planner for 2017 and am both excited and wary about my to return to a hardcopy system).

Since getting organized can apply to so many different aspects of life (your desk, your finances, your home, your schedule), I’m not going to try to tackle a list of tips or tricks here. Instead, I’m using this post as a plug for Apartment Therapy’s January Cure.

From AT: “Each weekday in January we’ll be sending an email assignment to inspire and inform you on how to get your home in great shape; clean, organized and working for you.”

I meant to do it last year (and blog about it), but just ended up letting the emails pile up in my inbox before deleting them without acting on the assignments. This year, let’s try it together! For those who need accountability, here it is.

Tomorrow, we’re getting heavy with the resolution of getting “woke.”

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