My friend Christa sent me this amazing holiday card this year.

The time is now and the first thing you can do is try.

Let’s start with a definition, and this Bustle article is a very good place to start. To get a little deeper, check out Charles Pulliam-Moore’s article. Both call-out the Urban Dictionary definition of “woke” as being aware, and “knowing what’s going on in the community,” specifically relating to racism and social injustice.

To me, “woke” refers to a consciousness of deep-rooted, consistently perpetuated societal advantages bestowed upon white people (specifically white males) that have created and continue to create disadvantages for people of color and other marginalized communities.

How did I come to that definition? My personal experiences and those of my family and friends; conversations I’ve had with others; media I’ve consumed; workshops I’ve attended; boards I’ve served on…you get the idea. And I have to keep reading, and listening; I have to keep trying.
If you’re just starting out (or need a reminder), check out my What Can I Do Now? post, which featured a list developed by my colleague and shared just after the tragic deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

Since I obviously find curated lists extremely helpful in endeavors such as this, here are a few others (this list of lists is so meta):

If you’re overwhelmed by all of the things you have yet to learn, try to frame it as, appropriately, an awakening. You could try to do it all at once, like setting an alarm clock with a sudden wail, or try it as if you set one of those Zen alarm clocks that mocks a sunrise and gently stirs you to wake up. Figure out what works best for you and proceed as necessary. And then keep going.

Tomorrow, we break a bad habit.

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