I love our coffee table. It’s been in my husband’s family for a long time—not really an heirloom as much as a reliable, good-looking piece of furniture.
But it’s not our coffee table anymore. Right now, it lives in the guest room, out of the way of human and furry creature traffic, water marks, and tired feet; but most importantly, out of the way of my workouts.

I started doing some workout DVDs and I needed space. The table formerly known as our coffee table (“The Table”) is light but awkward, and takes two people to move it. So, I would have my husband help me move it against the fireplace, then I would roll up the rug, and prop the lounge chair’s ottoman on top of its companion’s seat. This gave me plenty of room to stretch and kick and dance.
Sally OMalley
But it was a pain. Every time I wanted to exercise in the living room, I had to get help moving the table. Some days, it seemed like more trouble than it was worth and I used it as an excuse not to work out. That coffee table was an impediment to my motivation.

So, with a heavy heart (but also other body parts getting heavier with each skipped workout), I moved The Table to the guest room and replaced it with two smaller coffee tables—on casters!—that I found on Craigslist. Because a living room needs a coffee table, but I also need the ability to push them out of the way easily and without any help.

Now, moving the tables, rolling up the rug, and propping up the ottoman is part of my pre-workout routine, along getting into workout clothes, washing my face, and filling up a glass of water.

Are you an at-home exerciser? How have you hacked your living room/den/office for enough space to work out?

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