Gone are the days of watching daytime talk shows, movies my grandma¬†recorded from the Disney Channel onto VHS tapes, or scratched-up DVDs when home sick. Now, we stream. In my last post, I half-jokingly suggested I’d share everything I watched and read while suffering¬†from the ‘rona.

Without further ado, here’s the list of what I watched and read and what I thought of them:


  • The Morning Show (Apple TV): finished season 1 (I was on maybe episode 6 when I got sick) and watched all of season 2, which was extremely timely. It’s what I referenced in my last post, calling COVID “that spiky little fucker.” (Recommended by my dad)
  • Platonic episodes 1-7 (Apple TV): Oh, what a fun show! Rose Bryne and Seth Rogen are so funny, especially together.
  • A League of Their Own season 1 (Prime Video): Holy crap this was good. It was Ted Lasso-esque in the feel-good, underdog sports story category, but it was more serious and a whole lot gayer. Really important themes, beautifully told.
  • Jury Duty (Prime Video): I didn’t think I’d like this, but it was so wholesome! Very enjoyable. (Recommended by my friend Christa)
  • Shrinking episodes 1-5 (Apple TV): Really enjoying this one, too! Harrison Ford might be the funniest, which was surprising to me. (Vouched for by my friend Janeen)


  • Flamin’ Hot (Hulu): I vaguely knew the story of how my favorite snack came to be, but I wasn’t sure if it was an urban legend. It’s not! This one gave me a lot of feels.
  • Spider-Man Homecoming (Disney+): There’s something about superhero movies when you’re sick, and I think Spiderman is one of the best because he’s fun and funny, unlike the way-too-serious Batman.
  • Swiss Army Man (Max): So strange. Quite delightful. Do not watch if you think fart jokes aren’t funny.
  • The French Dispatch (Max): I missed this one somehow and didn’t realize the music from the Wes Anderson TikTok/Instagram trend was from this movie. It was very Wes Anderson-y and I liked it, but definitely wouldn’t put it in my top 3.
  • Beetlejuice (Hulu): “And remember: I’ll eat anything you want me to eat. I’ll swallow anything you want me to swallow. So come on down, I’ll…chew on the dog!”
  • The Hunger Games – the first one (Fubo, I think?): I read it once and saw it once and just got a hankering to see it again, especially because I spend a lot of time near where it was filmed now.

Books (for when I didn’t have a headache):

Quite the variety if I do say so myself! Tell me: What do you watch or do when you’re sick in bed or on the couch? Do you have go-to comfort content that you watch again and again, or do you pass the time by trying something new?

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