At Halloweentime, I shared the horror movies I watched and planned to watch. Now, it’s time for a Christmassy roundup! I don’t go as hard on Christmas movies as I do on horror movies, but thanks to lots of cold, rainy days, I have been making pretty good progress this year.


Falling for Christmas (2022) — Lindsay Lohan is BACK! I had high hopes for this one, and while I really enjoyed it, it wasn’t that much different from your formulaic, but very fun, made-for-TV Christmas movie.

Friday After Next (2002) — It had been a while since the last time I saw it, and I was sad at how much of it didn’t age well. I also was hesitant to watch it because of Ice Cube’s long history of anti-semitism, but I couldn’t resist; most of it is just soooo funny.

Fat Man (2020) — Whoops, another anti-semitic lead. I let my excitement for a Christmas movie I had never heard of starring Walton Goggins distract me from the fact that Mel Gibson plays Santa. I actually enjoyed this (Goggins is great and so is the child villain), but it was definitely not full of Christmas cheer.

Spirited (2022) — I read a scathing review of Spirited in The Daily Beast, and it only made me want to watch it more. And I really enjoyed it! Like most musicals, it was too long, but I found it to be a fun and refreshing take on A Christmas Carol.

Home Alone (1990) — Such a classic, and increasingly fun to speculate how it would be different with today’s technology and culture.

Elf (2003) — Probably my favorite Christmas movie. Friday After Next came out a year before Elf and really did not age well, while Elf completely and wholesomely holds up.

Up next:

The Night Before (2015) — Richie and I watch this one every Christmas Eve (appropriately). It’s funny and heartwarming and I highly (pun intended) recommend it.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994) — One of my best friends growing up and I would get together at her house the Saturday before Christmas every year and watch this (and drool over the Christmas snack that is Bryan Bedford). These days, I try to watch it on its designated day, but sometimes have to squeeze it in closer to the 25th.

Holiday in Handcuffs (2007) — It’s just so…bad. And such a delight to watch. With Melissa Joan Hart and Mario Lopez, it really embodies the TV-movie vibe of the mid-2000s.

Others I’d like to watch are The Santa Clause (1994) and Die Hard (1988), both favorites that I don’t usually prioritize, but the podcast You Are Good recently covered both of them and got me in the mood.

How about you? What do you watch every year? And however you celebrate whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a wonderful time!

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