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Hahahahahahahahahahaha: “2020 in review.”

In years past, I’ve done a recap of each month of the previous year and touched on the highlights. This year, I’d like to list accomplishments, both big and small, because accomplishing anything in 2020 was a huge win.

Back in May, I wrote about starting a list of all of the things I’ve accomplished since social distancing started. This is, more or less, an update.

From May:

  • Adopted a second dog
  • Made French toast for the first time
  • Finished Curb Your Enthusiasm (so far)
  • Made a music video with some friends (separately)
  • Got the roof cleaned

And for all of 2020:


  • Completed gold standard heartworm treatment for aforementioned second dog, Rose (she’s negative now!)
  • Went on vacation with my mom (pre-COVID)
  • Bought a house in the mountains
  • Participated in a COVID vaccine trial
  • Gave myself and my husband regular “Zoom-passable” haircuts


  • (Re)watched all of Six Feet Under (it was…fine)
  • Finished The Good Place
  • Finished Schitt’s Creek
  • Watched all of Vida
  • Watched all of Ozark (so far)
  • Read (at least) 15 books — I was going to touch on the best ones, but they were all pretty fantastic. I track them on Goodreads.


  • Ran a half-marathon in August (with my husband; not a race)
  • Ran 579 miles (no, I’m not going out for one more mile before midnight, but 😫)
  • Consistently exercised 6 days/week
  • Completed a 103-day streak of walking at least 10,000 steps/day


  • Delighted clients as a consultant
  • Started a full-time job at a higher education tech startup
  • Blogged (almost) every week


  • Volunteered packing and delivering meals for Durham Public Schools students and their families (learn more at EAT NC)
  • Volunteered as a Vote Protector during early voting and on Election Day with Democracy NC
  • Sent postcards to voters with Stamp NC Blue
  • Texted for Biden in the evenings leading up to the election
  • Served as Block Coordinator for my neighborhood’s Mutual Aid effort and chipped in as neighbors needed assistance
  • Facilitated 17 weeks (!!!) of scavenger hunts for my run club
  • Celebrated 8 years (!!!) of my run club by hosting a virtual BINGO party
  • Was a guest on a Meetup webinar about switching to online events at the beginning of the pandemic
  • Supported local restaurants by getting takeout at least once a week
  • Prioritized shopping local over big box and Amazon, whenever possible

This is NOT the list of goals I would have made back in January 2020, but I’m really happy with it, considering the year we’ve had. I’m really pleased the list is heavy on community.

What about you? Do you have a list of accomplishments? Even if it’s one item: “Made it to 2021” — I think that’s worth celebrating.

Happy New Year.

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