At the beginning of the year, I created a clothing spending tracker so that I can monitor my shopping behavior in order to better manage my spending on new clothing.

Thanks to a bit of a spending spree in January that I justified because it was my birthday month, I filled up more than half the sheet by the end of February. But then COVID hit the US in March, and my spending slowed considerably.

Aside from buying less in general, two other things shifted: with few exceptions, I stopped buying secondhand (as I usually would buy used items in person at thrift and vintage stores), and when I bought new things, I prioritized shopping local in order to support the local economy (which, let’s be real, is important when there isn’t a pandemic, too).

So today, I’m sharing an updated version of my 2020 spending tracker, which now includes a checkbox for local purchases! I use mine for clothing purchases exclusively, but feel free to use it for whatever category(ies) of spending you like!

Download it here! The link opens the PDF in a new tab for you to print.

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