I mostly use Pinterest to save recipes. I have three boards related to them: “For my belly” (recipes I want to try), “For my belly – dranks” (dedicated to cocktails and extravagant coffee drinks that require instruction), and “For my belly – tried & true” (recipes that I’ve tried with great success and don’t want to forget about).

I also use Pinterest for saving pretty dresses I may or may not buy (“For my bod”), information about how to care for the plants in my yard (“For my garden”), and ideas for gifts for friends (“For my friends”), among other collections.

It’s a great way to stay organized.

But there’s one use of a Pinterest board I started years ago that has nothing to do with organization. It’s the “For my attitude” board, where I save images that make me smile and give me an attitude adjustment.

I’ve been looking at it a lot lately.

The board is filled with images of cute animals, mostly, but also pretty flowers, adorable (and extremely fashionable) little kids, lovely quotes, some of my favorite Ryan Gosling/Hey girl memes, and pictures of Patti LaBelle’s best hairdos.

Scrolling through it when I’m in a bad mood or just feeling down is like seeing rainbow or going down a slide.

Do you use Pinterest this way? What do you do to get a quick attitude adjustment?

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