Maybe I should just work out with my dog. source

I had to make a decision this morning: after walking the dog and eating breakfast, do I work out or get to work?

This is the kind of decision that should be automatic for me (and not feel like a decision, because it’s automatic).

But here’s the catch: I know that I am much more focused and productive in the morning. I also know that I burn out, mentally, in the afternoon. I really lose steam, so I have to be extremely productive before that happens. On the flip side, I can always get myself to work out in the afternoon or evening if I didn’t get to it in the morning.

My question to myself is: If I work out in the morning, does the resulting boost of energy prolong the amount of time that I can focus when I’m working? In other words, will I mentally burn out later if I work out in the morning? Or is the time better spent getting work done because I know I’ll get my workout in?

I know that just debating this kind of thing can drain my energy coffers, so I don’t want to dwell on it too much, but I have recognized this opportunity to build my days in a way that encourages productivity and I don’t want to squander it.

What about you? Is there something you do automatically but might be in need of an adjustment? Or have you made an adjustment to optimize your day/productivity? Let me know!

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