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When I announced that I had left my role as Executive Director of the nonprofit Counter Tools to start a new adventure in consulting, I mentioned that I would share the goodbye email/pep talk I sent to my team.

Now that we’re in the final month of the year (of the DECADE!), I’ve noticed more and more folks starting to reflect on the past and envision the future–and I’m no different–so I think now’s the time to share that pep talk.

In between some logistical notes about where to find my files and a big, hearty THANK YOU to the team, here’s what I wrote:

You are a brilliant and exemplary individual and member of the Counter Tools team. I know there may be some anxiety with the changes staring you down, but I want to encourage you to trust yourself. Trust your gut and trust your abilities–especially your ability to learn.

Trust each other, too! Remember that perfect is the enemy of good, the enemy of progress, and the enemy of done, so give it a shot. Be agile in more ways than just software development. Yoda said, “Do or do not, there is no try.” I disagree. Trying is everything.

Take the time to find the silver lining. I challenge everyone to find something positive about every negative thing that comes your way. Even the SuS.* Point out those sparkly edges to yourself and to the team. Optimism can take you a surprisingly long way.

So please keep doing what you do–you ARE making a difference–but don’t take yourself too seriously. And definitely don’t be a dick.

Since I’ve been reflecting on what I accomplished at Counter Tools and what I have yet to accomplish as Nina Baltierra and Resourcerers, I’ve been thinking about what I wrote a lot, using my own words as a pep talk to myself when I’m feeling discouraged (or even just lazy).

I’m not sure what other exercises I’ll do to reflect and envision–any recommendations?

*SuS (rhymes with bus) is an acronym for “Straight-up Shit” brought to Counter Tools by longtime advisor Peter Rubenacker. It is a surprisingly useful and versatile term that I have taken with me. Thanks, Peter!

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