I’ve been drinking coffee since I was a kid. Sure, it was more milk and sugar than coffee back then, but I had a taste for those roasted beans and it has never let up.
Until recently, I was in love with my coffeemaker. It had all of the functionality I needed, like a programmable start, auto-off, and it kept my brew hot for up to four hours. But after maybe a year and a half of coffeemaker bliss, the thing crapped out. The dispenser would get clogged and the coffee would come out in a trickle like it had a UTI. I started flushing it with vinegar weekly, but that darn dispenser continued to be such a tease.
Thanks to some hotel stays with teeny tiny in-room Nespresso machines, my husband and I decided to replace our coffeemaker with one. Having a tendency toward analysis paralysis, I hopped over to The Wirecutter to see what they had to say on the matter—then went ahead and got the Essenza Mini.

Good story, Nina, but what does this have to do with productivity?

The way I think you’d think switching to espresso has boosted my productivity is that the concentrated caffeine gives me a more serious jolt first thing in the morning.
What actually happened is that the switch has boosted my productivity simply by taking less time to drink.
Hear me out:
Before, I would have a cup of coffee after waking up and before taking the dog for her stroll. Then, I’d have another cup with breakfast. After breakfast, I’d drain the rest and take it into my office to start working. I’d often be in my pajamas or my dog-walk clothes and I’d skip the start-your-day routine like getting dressed and brushing my teeth. I admit that sitting at my desk with breakfast- and coffee-breath and bedhead did not exactly get me “in the zone” to work. And sometimes, by the time I finished that third cup, lunch was right around the corner, so why bother brushing my teeth now? (#workfromhomeproblems)
Now, I have that first cup of espresso before the dog walk and the second cup with breakfast. And then I’m done! I get dressed, brush my teeth, put my face on, and head to my office with a glass of water.
The difference I feel in my ability to focus is palpable. Is it because I’m drinking espresso instead of drip coffee with coconut milk? Is it the fact that I’m dressed and my teeth are brushed, ready to face the day? Is it because I start hydrating earlier? Probably all of the above. But since my coffee habits are the catalyst for these other wonderful habit changes that have led to much more productive mornings, I’m happy to give espresso all of the credit.

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