Let me clear something up right away: this post is not about wine (sorry).
I’m a sucker for nice packaging, pretty displays, and intuitive merchandising. Aesthetics help to make the shopping experience and the products themselves enjoyable for me, so why should my home be any different?

When I bring something home, especially something important for my health and well-being like vitamins*, I want to be able to put them out in the open where I’ll see them and remember to take them. But, let’s face it: they don’t usually come in the prettiest vessels, and I care about the look of my home. That’s where decanting comes in!

Let’s define:
decant definition
While decanting refers to liquids, you get my point: take your vitamins out of the bottles they came in, and put them in something that’s not an eyesore.


Not only will your home look more beautiful, your adherence to whatever it is you decanted (in my case, vitamins) is likely to improve as well (many sources suggest visibility of medication as a tip for adherence/compliance), especially if the saying, “out of sight, out of mind” resonates with you.

This obviously works for other things (health-related and not) as well. My husband and I have a protein shake every morning, so I bought these fantastic tall canisters that hold a whole tub of powder and that I’m not ashamed to have sitting on the counter; cotton swabs look great in a glass jar instead of their original packaging; I store my coffee in a cute vintage tin; my mouthwash lives in a repurposed tequila bottle (don’t think about that one for too long)…the list goes on and on.

Can you hardly contain your excitement? (See what I did there?) Check out great some usual suspects of canister sources below.

*I know the merit of vitamins is debatable. I take Vitamin D (especially in the winter), and glucosamine (because some days being 31 is hard).

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