Spring is always an incredibly inspiring time for me. Each year, as the temperature rises, I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes, which I’ve shared here before:
spring fever
It’s one of my favorites because it’s so true. When I have spring fever, I know that I want to do something meaningful, even if I’m not sure what it is or how I’ll do it.
This year, I know: I’m starting a new category of posts called “(d)well.”
While I don’t think most categories deserve their own introduction, this one does. (d)well is all about making little changes to your home that enable and empower you to live a little healthier.
I’m not an expert, but this is something that I’m incredibly interested in, both as a public health professional and as my own research subject. I’ve had some personal success with my nudges (or hacks, if you prefer), and am always interested in learning what works for others, too, so please comment if you have one (or a few) to share!

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