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At the start. Bull City Race Fest, 2014

It’s been an embarrassingly long time since my last post (which, I admit, barely counts since it was just a link and a comment), but I have a good excuse. Several, in fact, but I’ll just discuss one in this post: self-care in the form of exercise.
For me, exercise is usually a rigorous morning walk with my dog, followed by one or a combination of the following:

  • run
  • strength training (I like Popsugar’s circuit workouts–find one here)
  • ride on the stationary bike (while watching Netflix)

After I finish my master’s (in 18 days!!!), I’m planning to add a dance class to the mix. Any suggestions, locals?
I write about time management and productivity a lot and I’ve noticed that exercising in the morning plays a huge role setting up my focus for the rest of the day. Working up a sweat just feels good, and working toward a fitness goal is an even better way to boost motivation for other tasks.
Right now, I’m training (well, maintaining) for Bull City Race Fest on October 18th! This will be the race’s third year, and my third year running it! Here are the top 4 reasons I keep coming back:

  1. The course : Downtown Durham is among my favorite places to run, and the Race Fest courses (a 5-miler and half marathon) are well-planned, with twists and turns in some Durham’s prettiest neighborhoods
  2. The crowd: Both the runners and the spectators are there to have a good time! A lot of runners wear costumes (I wore a neon green tutu last year, and a toga the year before), and spectators make some pretty awesome signs.
  3. The after-party: Beer, food trucks, music, and a costume contest in Diamond View Park. Need I say more?!
  4. The shirt: It’s soft, well-designed, and the color choices are good (or at least they have been!). It’s one of those race shirts that I doesn’t make me feel like a total dork when I wear it.

If you haven’t already registered, use promo code USB33 for $5 off! It’s my special gift to you. See ya at the finish line beer garden!

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