I have an exciting announcement to make! On January 15th, the first of hopefully many, many Enrichment classes is happening. What is Enrichment? It’s a new project that introduces Bull City (Durham, NC) adults to new things–and each other–through hands-on classes.

Topics will range from the wacky (like how to do some basic tap dancing steps, marble painting, or how to write a murder mystery) to the incredibly useful (like folding a fitted sheet, changing a car tire, or hemming your pants). The point isn’t mastery; it’s learning something new while meeting people who are similarly curious and thirsty for knowledge.

The Backstory

This is something I’ve been rolling around in my head for quite some time. A while back, I was catching up with my best friend from high school and we talking about networking events. We were saying that events with the purpose of networking are so awkward and contrived. We argued that if a network is built on relationships, and networking is the work you do to create and nurture those relationships, there has to be a better way than talking to strangers in hotel ballrooms with the sole purpose of trying to make a connection where there might not be one.

I often share with folks that my running club, Bull City Beer Runners, has been a rich source of lasting and meaningful relationships, both personally and professionally. And while I feel like BCBR is too special to recreate and I don’t want to become a serial Meetup organizer, I have learned a thing or two about building a community and want to try it again in another way.

Wanting to focus on learning and personal development, I had a fuzzy idea for Enrichment, but was struggling to bring it into focus. Then, in early September, I was listening to the podcast, We Love You (And So Can You), which is a spin-off of my favorite podcast, By The Book, and the guest that day was Gina Colagioia, the creator of Renaissance Person in NYC. Renaissance Person was almost exactly what I had in mind for my project!

So, after looking into Renaissance Person and similar companies/organizations/projects and talking it over with some folks, I got moving on Enrichment. And here we are! The name is inspired by elementary school curricula designed to interest and challenge students that might otherwise get bored. I’ve also used the term in the past as a name for self-improvement activities in my free time while I was in grad school.

Enrollment is open!

Enrichment is kicking-off with Henna How-To on January 15th! In this inaugural class, students will learn about the history of mehndi and its cultural significance; how to mix henna; application techniques; and popular designs. They’ll get to practice on themselves and/or a partner and will be sent home with a booklet of designs and instructions for practicing at home (or showing off their new skills at parties)!

If you have an idea for a topic, please let me know by reaching out via my contact form! (If you can teach the skill, even better, but it’s not necessary!)

If you’re local to the Triangle or visiting it, I hope to see you at an upcoming Enrichment class!

2 Replies to “Introducing: Enrichment!”

  1. Luciano Baltierra says:

    Your Enrichment class will undoubtedly be a success. Why, you ask. Because, no matter the arena of study we can all gain from being enriched.

  2. Jackie Soule says:

    Cool idea! Hope to participate in some of these events!

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