On Monday, while I was scrolling through my Instagram feed, three different posts from three different people I follow stopped me because they all had the same message.

Peloton’s Robin Arzon (@robinnyc) said, “Don’t worry about if your work is being noticed. When your moves are big enough, they’re watching.”

My friend Marcus Hawley (@nattyhawley) posted that “Invisible work is still work.”

Creator of @DiverseWeRun Carolyn Su (@irunfortheglory) wrote, “NOT EVERY VALUABLE THING that happens is meant to be seen.”

…Did I miss something that explains why these fine people all decided to post the same uplifting message? I don’t really care; what a nice reminder!

So, I’m passing it on to you. Keep showing up for your work, even if others can’t see it (right away or even ever).

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