I started using WorkFlowy a couple weeks ago. As someone who thinks in bullet pointed lists–I like it!
While¬† I can’t color-code it (my biggest complaint), I can tag the items on my list for easy sorting. When coming up with a tagging system, I thought back to the 70/20/10 rule I wrote about in February.

  • For the things that need to get done right away, I tag them #now.
  • For the things that have to happen right after the #nows, I tag them #next.
  • For longer-term items that require strategy and deep thinking, I tag them #later.

I could take things a step further and add client/project tags, but I’m worried that will get too messy. Instead, each project has its own expandable list.
I’ve been trying out different to-do list systems for what seems like forever, and the ones I stick to the longest tend to be ones that I create myself. Since Workflowy is similar in simplicity to a Word doc, I predict that I’ll stick with it for a while. Plus, I’m able to access it from my phone, just in case inspiration hits when I’m not sitting in front of the computer.
What list apps (or DIY strategies) have you tried and liked?

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